Wedding Band Alternative Metals – What You Need to Know

By August 2, 2016Diamonds

Just two years ago the only wedding bands typically found at jewelry stores were made of platinum and gold.  But as the prices of these traditional metals continue to surge, alternative and more affordable metals are becoming increasingly popular choices for wedding bands.  These metals are primarily palladium, titanium, tungsten, and cobalt-chrome.  To help you understand the differences among these metals we prepared a table comparing the most popular metal choices for wedding bands today.

Scratch Resistance
Dent Resistance
Palladium Tungsten Titanium Cobalt-Chrome Ceramic
MediumDensity = 12.02 gr / cm3 Very HeavyDensity = 19.25 gr / cm3 Very LightDensity = 4.06 gr / cm3 LightDensity = 8.2 gr / cm3 Very LightDensity varies
Naturally White Gun Metal Gray.
Also available in white through plating. Plating wears off over time
Grey Silver, darker than platinum and white gold Steel Silver Varies, usually black
Medium Very Strong Weak Medium Strong
Medium Strong Strong Strong Strong
Strong Weak Strong Strong Strong
Very Durable Extremely Durable Very Durable Extremely Durable Extremely Durable
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
No No, but plating for white tungsten wears off No No No
Yes No No No No
Lifetime 15-20 Years 10-15 Years 15-20 Years 10-15 Years
Moderate Low Low Low Low

Not only do alternative metals present a more affordable option to gold and platinum, they also present hundreds of creative new style options that break the traditional wedding band mold. Designers are using the multitude of colors to come up with new and innovative designs never seen before in the wedding band industry. Guys are no longer locked into traditional designs, rather they can choose from hundreds of designs to match their individual fashion styles; “out-of-the-box” contemporary styles such as ceramic with silver inlays (see below), or tungsten with carbon fiber (see below).


The alternative metals also provide choices best suited for different lifestyles. For example, a mechanic or firefighter who work with their hands and expose their rings to harsh environments may opt for a durable and scratch resistant metal such as tungsten. While a teacher may opt for a lighter metal such as titanium. Top Rate Diamonds offers a wide variety of alternative metal wedding bands.  To view our selection click here.

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