Wedding Band Advice – Five Helpful Tips

By August 2, 2016Diamonds

A few helpful hints to consider when picking out a wedding band.

Wedding Band Tip #1:  The wedding band and engagement ring should be made out of the same metal.

When rings of different metals rub against each other the harder metal wears out the softer metal.  The sides of the prongs can wear thin and compromise the security of the diamond.   Keeping the engagement and wedding ring metals consistent will prolong the life of both rings and help ensure the integrity of the prongs.

Wedding Band Tip #2: A wedding band should accentuate the engagement ring and center stone.

Wedding rings are meant to complement the engagement ring and accentuate the center diamond, not steal the spotlight.  So when selecting wedding ring style, keeps the styles, diamond shapes, and diamond size consistent to avoid a confusing look.  For example, mixing an engagement ring with pave diamonds and a wedding band with channel set diamonds can look out of place.  The same applies to an engagement ring with princess diamonds and a wedding ring with marquise diamonds

Wedding Band Tip #3:  A wedding band should sit flush against the engagement ring.

If your engagement ring has a long diamond or big head that sticks out, it could prevent the wedding ring from sitting flush against the engagement ring and create big ugly spaces.  To ensure a proper fit the wedding ring will have to curve around the engagement ring or diamond.  You can either search for a curved wedding ring at jewelry stores or design a custom wedding ring.   Designing a custom ring may save months of frustrating searches.

Wedding Band Tip #4: Wait 6 months before soldering the ring and band together.

Some women decide to solder the engagement ring and wedding ring together to prevent the wedding ring from spinning around on the finger.  We recommend wearing the rings for six months before soldering to get a feel for how you will wear the rings.  You may find yourself taking off the engagement ring when going to the pool or gym, something you will not be able to do if the two rings are soldered.

Wedding Band Tip #5:  Choose a wedding band to fit your lifestyle.

Don’t make design style your only consideration, be sure to also consider your lifestyle and comfort.  If you work manual labor consider a scratch resistant ring such as tungsten or cobalt.  If you work around fabric choose a smooth ring without sharp prongs that can catch on fabric.

If wearing a ring feels uncomfortable consider a comfort fit band for a more comfortable feel.   The inside of a comfort fit band is rounded giving a more snug and natural feel on the finger.

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