Tired of Your Old Engagement Ring? Redesign It!

By August 2, 2016Diamonds

Just like cars and clothes, jewelry can get old and stale so we want to freshen up our collection every so often.  But what happens when it’s a sentimental piece like the engagement ring or wedding band?  Don’t worry it does not have to be thrown away! With modern technology and some custom design, old rings can be modified and and made-over with a brand new look.

Here is a story about a girl who grew tired of her engagement ring.  She felt it was too plain and wanted to fancy it up, but the thought of scrapping the ring her husband gave her was very upsetting.  Instead we took a less radical approach and gave the ring a make-over.


Thanks to advanced jewelry design technology and 3-D printing nearly anything is possible.  Your imagination becomes the only limitation.  In this case the girl decided she wanted to spruce up the ring with  diamond halo surrounding the center stone.  So we took the old ring and went to work designing the new head.

One of the challenges was designing the new halo head so that it will not protrude and prevent the wedding band from sitting flush against the ring.  To maintain the flush fit we designed a head with curved struts and superimposed it onto the existing ring to test the fit with the wedding band (see below).  The computer model shows a perfect fit.

CAD Imaging – Superimposed virtual head on the actual ring

Original ring with rendering of the new halo head

Diamond-Halo-Engagement-Ring-CAD-Top-300x201 (1)

Once the customer approved the design we manufactured the ring.  Here is the final ring with the brand new halo of diamonds.  The halo perfectly wraps around the center diamond with no gaps and the wedding band sits flush with the new ring.


Redesigned Halo Diamond Ring

The new ring looked fabulous!  By simply custom designing a new head instead of making an entirely new ring we were able to keep the sentimental aspect and also saved our customer money.

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