Sentimental Push Present – The Mommy Pendant

By August 2, 2016Diamonds
Sentimental Push Present

For those who are not familiar with the concept of a “Push Present,” it’s a present a father gives a mother when she gives birth to their child.

According to TIffany’s & Co. when your wife gives you a baby you should give her twins, one diamond for each ear.  But not everyone can afford thousands of dollars for diamond stud earrings.   So Top Rate Diamonds set out to find a suitable and affordable alternative that also conveys a sentimental message.  What we found is an endearing gift called The Mommy Pendant.

The  Mommy Pendant has a unique abstract design of a mother fondly embracing her baby.  The company’s tag line is “celebrate a mother’s first embrace,”  and they captured the moment with an elegant design suitable for everyday wear.  The baby’s birthstone represents the baby, adding a sentimental touch.

What we loved most about The Mommy Pendant is being able to build your own!  You get to select your design (up to 3 kids in case it’s not your first baby), the metal, and finally the birthstone, so that your pendant is truly a personal gift.  The Mommy Pendant starts at $149 in silver, and don’t worry, if your kid is born in April and you need a diamond as a birthstone, you can opt for a simulant instead of the genuine stone and still keep the same low price tag.  The pendant also comes with a free chain, but the company offers upgrades in case you want a nicer chain.

The Mommy Pendant is the next best alternative to studs for Push Present jewelry.  It’s affordable, high quality, and most importantly sentimental.   Check it out at

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