Moissanite Shmoissanite – You Are Better Off Buying A CZ

By August 2, 2016Diamonds

If you are considering a moissanite as a diamond alternative do not waste your money. Moissanite is a lab created synthetic mineral sold as a diamond alternative. It is overpriced, often times discolored with a greenish hue, and has absolutely no resale value. You are much better off buying a $10 cubic zirconia rather than spending the money on a moissanite. Before buying a moissanite read this comparison to a cubic zirconia and how the two measure up as diamond alternatives.


Moissanite vs CZ: Color

Moissanites tend to have a greenish yellow hue that is equivalent to a GIA color K, but worse because of the greenish aspect. Think limburger cheese. By comparison CZs are colorless and equivalent to the GIA color D. CZs tend to lose their color over time, but considering they are meant to replaced much more often that’s ok. White vs. Green, CZ wins.


Moissanite vs CZ: Clarity

Moissanite clarity tends to be in the VS scale on the GIA grading system, which means very small imperfections can be seen under 10X magnification, which is your standard jeweler’s loupe. CZ clarity tends to be in the VVS to Flawless scale, meaning they have little if any imperfections. Some CZs may exhibit cloudiness, but these are extremely poorly made and very cheap. VS vs. VVS, CZ wins.


Moisssanite vs CZ: Price

Moissanites tend to be overpriced considering the cheap manufacturing process. A moissanite equivalent to 2ct can cost between $600-$800. While this is cheaper than a diamond, moissanites have ZERO resale value meaning once they leave the jewelry store the value depreciates 100%. There simply is no demand for the stone and it becomes impossible to find a buyer. Be prepared to lose every dollar you sink into it. While CZs will also depreciate 100%, they cost less than $10 and can be discarded without feeling any buyer’s remorse. Factoring in fees to set the stones, one moissanite can buy 30+ years worth of CZs. $800 vs. $10, CZ wins.


Moisssanite Vs. CZ: Durability

Gemstone durability is measured by the Mohs scale. The Mohs scale ranks hardness from 1-10, with Talc (used to make talcum powder) being 1 and diamond being 10. Moissanites measures 9.2 compared to a CZ which measures 8.5. Both stones are very durable with moissanite having a slight 0.7 edge over the CZ. 9.2 vs. 8.5, moissanite wins.


Moisssanite vs CZ: Sparkle

The main reason for buying a diamond, moissanite, or CZ is for the fiery sparkle they provide when set in an engagement ring. So how does the moissanite sparkle compare with the CZ? The best way of analyzing them is by comparing them side by side. Here is a video comparing the fire and brilliance of a moissanite and a high-end CZ. Both exhibit fire and brilliance so it’s tough to make the call. We’ll call this one a tie.

In conclusion, the moissanite is a more durable mineral than a CZ, but considering it’s yellow color, lower clarity, and much higher cost the CZ is by far the better choice. So before throwing your money away on a moissanite consider buying a high quality cz. And if it’s in the budget go for the diamond!

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