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About Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds.  They are the new eco-friendly alternative to traditional mined diamonds with a much more affordable price.  They look the same, feel the same, and sparkle the same. 

The Process  –  Lab diamonds are grown in a special chamber that mimics the natural process in the earth’s crust.  The resulting lab grown diamonds have the same chemical and physical composition, as well as the same optical properties as their mined counterparts.  The two diamonds are indistinguishable to the eye and even to common testing equipment.     

Responsibly Sourced – If you care about where your diamond comes from, and if you want absolute certainty it is not a “conflict diamond,” then lab grown diamonds are for you.  You know exactly where they come from… the lab!  

Environmentally Friendly –  The diamond growing process uses clean carbon and heat.  No mining is involved so the earth is not disturbed and the environmental impact is minimal.

Beautiful and Sparkly – Lab grown diamonds are cut to perfection.  The growth process yields a symmetrical crystal shape that allows the diamond cutters to extract the best possible cut with absolute precision. 

Affordable – At 40-50% of the price of mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds present an intriguing and affordable option.  You can double the size of her engagement diamond and present her with a more impressive ring. 

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    Lab Grown Diamonds FAQs

    Can a Jeweler Tell the Difference?

    Jewelers cannot tell the difference between a mined diamond and a lab grown diamond simply by looking at them.  Both are diamonds!  The only way to distinguish between the two is using highly specialized and expensive equipment.

    Do Lab Grown Diamonds Have Flaws?

    They most certainly do!  Imperfections can be caused by impurities in the chamber or blips in the growth process.  As with mined diamonds, flawless lab grown diamonds are rare.

    Do Lab Grown Diamonds Last Forever?

    Diamonds are forever!  Whether lab or mined, diamonds do no alter their color, clarity, or sparkle.  Keep them clean and they will look as fabulous as the day you buy them.

    Do Lab Grown Diamonds Scratch?

    No they do not.  Lab grown diamonds have the same physical make up and crystalline structure as mined diamonds so they will not scratch.

    Why Do Lab Grown Diamonds Cost Less

    While lab grown diamonds are not cheap, they are a more affordable alternative to mined diamonds.  Growing a diamond requires expensive equipment that cost millions of dollars.  But the cost is still significantly less than the massive capital investment necessary to mine diamonds from the earth.

    Are Lab Grown Diamonds Available in Different Colors?

    Yes they are.  Much like natural fancy colored diamonds, lab grown diamonds are available in different colors.  The most common colors are yellow, blue, and pink.  Color lab grown diamonds are much more affordable and allow for fun jewelry designs at very reasonable prices.

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