Pearls Are Taking Off in Atlanta in 2016

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atlanta-pearlsPearl jewelry is taking off in 2016! Pearls offer a wide range of colors, shapes, and prices making them very versatile and affordable jewelry. Recent developments in harvesting and manufacturing techniques have paved the way for innovative and creative designs that are making pearls a very popular choice.

When thinking of pearls the first piece of jewelry that comes to mind is the classic strand of whites and pinks. Pearls were traditionally thought of as conservative jewelry worn in professional environment or affairs that called for conservative dress. But that mold has broken and pearls are coming at us in all sorts of shapes, colors, and apps. Yes that’s right, apps!

Thanks in part to new harvesting methods, pearls now come in many shapes and colors making them a much more versatile piece of jewelry. No longer limited to just the traditional white and pink colors, South Sea pearls provide a golden variety while Tahitian pearls feature grayish green, brown, and blue color hues. Pearls also come in various shapes, befitting the now fashionable asymmetric trend in jewelry.

Strand of Mixed Pearls (Golden South Sea, Tahitian, White)

Strand of Mixed Pearls (Golden South Sea, Tahitian, White)

The resurgence of pearls is also due to the wide range of prices. Accommodating any budget, pearl jewelry can range from $99 for simple studs to $30,000 for large expensive strands. So if you’re looking for some new jewelry this coming year spruce up your collection with the innovative pearl designs.

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