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Engagement Rings

Our engagement ring collection offers choices from every style.  Browse modern, classic, vintage, halo, and contemporary engagement settings and you will be sure to find the right engagement ring. The diamonds in our rings are ideal cut and of higher quality than what you will find in most chain jewelry stores.  You will notice they are whiter, cleaner, and more sparkly!

The tradition of exchanging rings between couples who are on the verge of making a life commitment is something that is important to our culture. Diamonds in particular are a favorite choice for both the ring giver and ring receiver, as they have come to be a symbol that represent unity. Married couples often love to wear their wedding bands wherever they go, because they are something that represents their love and bond with one another. Both men and women just love the classic look of these wedding bands and the meaning behind them.

Giving a diamond ring to your beauty is the best way to begin a life together, and while she might enjoy other types of gemstones, nothing quite holds the same passion and personalization as a diamond. It can be difficult to find and shop for the perfect diamond for your significant other, but once you come across the right one for her, you’ll just know. A wedding or engagement is a very special event, so it’s important to hunt down the ring stone for this once in a lifetime shopping hunt.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to a casual or formal event, wearing diamonds is something that will always highlight the best parts of your personality. Fortunately, there are lots of different options in many types of stores that offer all sorts of jewelry options, which means you can find something that fits you perfectly. Even though it can be stressful going through all the types of styles of jewelry, being able to find that perfect diamond that you can wear everywhere is a very satisfying feeling. When it comes to diamond wedding bands, your purchase should be something that completely reflects your feelings of love for your partner. This is why it’s key to get your diamond from an authentic brand and store, to ensure that its quality is something that lasts for a lifetime.

Marquise Halo Diamond Ring

Our Collection of Engagement Rings

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Marquise Halo Diamond Ring

Marquise Halo Diamond Ring

Two Row Diamond Halo Bridal Set

Two Row Diamond Halo Bridal Set

Rose gold channel diamond ring

Rose Gold Channel Diamond Ring

White Gold Channel Diamond Ring

White Gold Channel Diamond Ring

Double halo diamond ring

Double Halo Diamond Ring

Flower halo bridal set

Flower Halo Bridal Set

<Vintage pave diamond bridal set

Vintage Pave Diamond Bridal Set


Three Stone Round Pave Bridal Set

A Beginners Guide to Engagement Rings

With an endless number of engagement ring styles to choose from, selecting a setting can be almost as confusing as selecting a diamond.  We prepared a guide to help you navigate the options and figure out which ring is right for you.

Ring Setting Map

The setting is made up of several parts as shown below:

Head – The top portion of the setting holding the center stone.
Prongs – The tips of the head securing the diamond into place.
Gallery – The underside of the head at the top of the shank.
Shank – The body of the ring that wraps around the finger.



The classic quintessential engagement ring of a single solitary center diamond, ergo the name. The solitaire diamond can be any shape, not necessarily a round diamond. The most common ring that comes to mind is the Tiffany’s style round solitaire, but there are many other solitaire styles to choose from.

Channel Set RingsChannel Set Rings

As the name implies, the diamonds accenting the engagement ring are set in a track, or groove, known as a channel. This setting provides a clean look and is very secure.


Halo engagement rings are characterized by an outline of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone. Halos can be designed to match any shape diamond, from a square princess to a cut-cornered emerald. Halos come in single rows, double, and even triple halos, and can feature colored diamonds and gemstones to add another dimension to the ring.


Cathedral engagement rings feature arches or “shoulders” that lead up towards the center diamond and appear to place the diamond on a pedestal. The diamond tends to sit a little higher but allows wedding bands to sit flush against the ring.


Old is the new “new”. Vintage rings are very trendy and growing tremendously in popularity. These rings tend to feature engravings called filigree, and small beads along the edges called milgrain. The filigree designs are hand engraved by highly skilled artisans and are therefore very labor intensive to produce. These types of settings are very popular for Old European Cut and Old Miner’s Cut diamonds.

PavePave, Micro-Pave, and French Pave

Pronounced Pa-Vay, the style features small diamonds set close together to look like the ring is paved or crusted with diamonds. Rather than featuring independent prongs, the diamonds are set in small drill holes and metal is folded around them to hold them in place. French Pave engagement ring refers to the V cut in between the diamonds. The jeweler cuts a V shape into the metal to reduce the amount of metal surrounding the diamonds and create a raised look.

Round-Bezel-Halo-SplitBezel Set

Bezel refers to the metal border surrounding the diamond. This type of setting has no prongs, instead metal is folded over the edges of the diamond to enclose the stone and protect it from physical impact. This is the most secure and protective setting because the bezel surrounds the entire making it highly unlikely the diamond will pop out or get damaged. Infact to remove the diamond from the setting the bezel must be sawed off.


Three stone engagement rings feature three gemstones symbolizing the past, present, and future of the couple. While the center stone is typically a diamond flanked by two smaller diamonds, the ring can be personalized to feature any combination of shapes, sizes, and color.

Split Shank RingsSplit Shank Rings

As the name implies, the shank splits in two. The split can be featured in a many different combinations, such as straight lines converging towards the center diamond, curved lines flaring out, and more.

Our Collection of Wedding Bands

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Wedding Bands

Top Rate Diamonds carries a large selection of wedding bands for both men and women. Our men’s collection features Benchmark Rings from traditional metals such as gold, platinum, and palladium, as well as contemporary metals such as tungsten, cobalt, and titanium. For the ladies we offer plain and diamond bands in a variety of many styles, including channel, eternity, pave, vintage, and many more. And if you have something specific in mind we can make it for you through our custom design program.





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My experience with Top Rate Diamonds couldn’t have been better. They are knowledgeable, responsive, patient, and an amazing custom designers. They offer the best options and are never pushy, just want you to make the perfect piece of jewelry for you. You won’t be disappointed!!

J Brooks

Top Rate Diamonds provided exceptional individualized service. They were able to customize my engagement ring exactly how I wanted it. My fiance is in love with me and the ring and it looks perfect on her finger. I would recommend Top Rate Diamonds to anybody looking for the perfect engagement ring.

Aaron Harris

My fiancé got my engagement ring custom made from Top Rate Diamonds, and it’s a stunner! Not only is my ring gorgeous, it was a helluva deal. Top Rate Diamonds were friendly, knowledgeable, and HONEST! How often can you say that about anybody in the diamond business? We’re having our wedding bands custom made through them too.

Karyn Leung

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Top Rate Diamonds offers 14 days to inspect your jewelry and decide whether you are fully satisfied. If you are not pleased, simply ship the item back and we will replace it with one that meets your standards.  If for some reason we cannot replace the item to your liking we will offer you a full refund.  Top Rate diamonds does not charge restocking fees, shipping expenses, or any other hidden charges (see policies for more details).  Special orders excluded.

Lifetime Upgrade Program

If at any time you decide to upgrade your diamond, Top Rate Diamonds will buy back your old diamond by crediting you 100% of the original price towards the purchase of a new diamond (see policies for more details).    While most jewelers and wholesalers will only offer you 30%-50%, we offer a full credit.  Our loose diamonds are of the highest quality and to prove it we are always willing to buy them back.

Lifetime Warranty

We warrant that all our jewelry is free of manufacturer’s defects, for life!

Absolute Integrity

We take an honest, truthful approach to doing business and are straightforward with our customers.  We pride ourselves in adhering to the strictest ethical and moral standards because we want you to feel absolutely confident in our integrity and the integrity our diamonds. But don’t take our word for it, read what our customers have to say.

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Free cleaning for jewelry purchased from us.