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Top Rate Diamonds is one of the most highly regarded and top ranked diamond wholesalers in Atlanta. We transform what can be a stressful and overwhelming process into a smooth and easy experience. Customers rave about the unique approach of sitting down with a patient diamond professional and not a pushy sales person. Learn hands-on how to evaluate diamonds by comparing them side-by-side and acquire the knowledge you need to know to make an informed buying decision. Top Rate Diamonds offers a large selection of high quality loose diamonds at wholesale prices. Our diamonds are hand-picked to provide the best sparkle and value to our customers. We focus on diamonds with large spreads and exceptional clarity that are not typically found at jewelry stores. Whether you want to buy, sell, or trade diamonds, we can service all your diamond and jewelry needs.

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Are you looking to sell your diamonds? In addition to being a diamond wholesaler, Top Rate Diamonds is a diamond buyer in Atlanta, GA.  Our global distribution network specializes in buying and selling diamonds so you will find our payouts to be higher than jewelry stores and pawn shops in metro Atlanta.  We will provide a thorough appraisal and current market value of your diamond and present you with the opportunity to sell it.   Get all your diamond questions answered through a free consultation with a diamond expert and get paid more on the spot!

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Custom Designed Engagement Rings

Do you have a unique idea for your engagement ring? Struggling to find the perfect band to match your ring? Come in to our Atlanta office and let’s talk about designing a custom engagement ring. Our custom ring designers can create the perfect engagement ring or wedding band! We use the latest jewelry design software that can generate a rendering of your ring so you can see it before it’s even made.

We have made many custom designed engagement rings and wedding bands for very satisfied customers from Atlanta and as far as Korea. Let’s take the first step towards customizing your exclusive personal engagement ring by clicking on Get Started and one of our jewelers will reach out to further assist you.

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Top Rate Diamonds offers ideal cut GIA certified diamonds of the highest quality. We are not your traditional jewelry store, rather diamond wholesaler providing an easy and educational diamond buying experience.  Sit down with a diamond expert and learn hands-on how to evaluate diamonds.  Compare diamonds side-by-side and acquire the knowledge you need to know to make an informed buying decision.

We care about our customers and it shows in our exceptional product, service, and support! But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews posted by customers about their wonderful experience at Top Rate Diamonds.

Diamond and Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Buying a diamond is an overwhelming and confusing experience. You are about to spend thousands of dollars but you don’t have the first clue where to begin or what to look for. Sure you have heard of the Four C’s, but what do they really mean?


Diamond Cut

Cut refers to the shape of the diamond and how well it sparkles, making cut the most important criteria to consider when buying a diamond.

Diamond Shapes

Below are some of the most common diamond shapes. Shape is usually the first criteria to decide on when shopping for a diamond.

Certain shapes sparkle more than others, with the brilliant round diamond being the most sparkly of all. Emarld and Asscher cuts on the other hand are famous for the geometry of their step cut and not for their spakle.

Understanding The Cut

The science behind the cut of diamond is to let in the right amount of light, refract it into white and colored light, and reflect it back as a fiery sparkle. The quality of the cut depends on how well diamond sections are proportioned to one another, namely the Table, Depth, Polish, and Symmetry.

Before learning more about the sections of the diamond, here are some common diamond cut terms to familiarize with:

Brilliance – The total amount of white light the diamonds reflects back.

Dispersion – Also known as “fire,” dispersion is the flashes of color that result from the refraction of incoming light.

Scintillation – Reflections and flashes of white light off the diamond’s surface as either the diamond, the observer, or the light source move.

Sections of the Diamond

The manner in which the sections of a diamond are proportioned to one another has a direct impact on the quality of the cut.  To understand this relationship let’s first review the five sections of the diamond.

Carat Weight

Carat is commonly misconceived as the size of a diamond, but it is actually a unit of weight. 1.0 carats measures 0.2 grams.

Large diamonds occur less frequently in nature, making them rare and valuable.  So as carat weight increases, so do the size and value of a diamond.

For the average person to detect a noticeable size difference between two diamond, the rule of thumb is for one  diamond to weigh 20% more than the other. For example, when looking at a 1 carat diamond you will need to compare it with a 1.2 carat stone to notice a significant difference in size. Use the following chart as a guide to visualize the correlation between carat weight and diamond size (the chart is not to scale and should only be used as a reference).

CAUTION: One pitfall to be cautious of when buying a diamond is diamond depth.  If a diamond is too deep, the weight is concentrated at the bottom reducing the surface area at the top and making the diamond appear small and narrow.  So two diamonds of equal weight but varying depths will measure different widths, which is why a deep 2 carat diamond can actually look like a 1.75 carat diamond.

Color of Diamond

Diamonds come in many colors, but the typical scale ranges from colorless to yellow. Nitrogen inside the stone causes it to take on a yellow tint, which in turn decreases the amount of light it lets through. So the Less color a stone has the more brilliant it is and the brighter it shines. Because of this correlation colorless stones are considered most valuable and the value decreases with increasing color. The exceptions to this rule are Fancy diamonds, which can bear a deep yellow color that makes them rare and expensive.

The grading scale used to rate diamond color is alphabetical and ranges from D to Z. D represents a purely colorless diamond where as Z is the deep yellow of the Fancy stones.

The difference between two consecutive color grades is so subtle that gemologists use a machine to accurately measure the grades.  The average person usually requires a difference of at least two color grades to see a difference.


Fluorescence is the ability of the diamond to glow in ultraviolet light.  It is graded from None to Very Strong and can change the appearance of a diamond’s color. Faint fluorescence has little to no effect on a stone. Medium and strong fluorescence can actually make a low color grade stone appear whiter, but can make a colorless stone appear hazy or oily.

Diamonds in the D to H color range with faint fluorescence can actually be a sensible purchase since the fluorescence will have little or no impact on the appearance of the diamonds but will lower the price.

For diamonds with color grade of I or lower, look for faint or medium fluorescence since it will make them look whiter.

Diamonds Color Recommendation:

We recommend G color because the diamond still  looks colorless and allows you to realize significant savings compared to the colorless collection (D,E,F).

For diamonds greater than 1 carat we recommend staying at or above ‘I’ color because color tint becomes more noticeable in larger diamonds and diminishes the purity of the diamond.


The clarity of a diamond refers to how clean it is from imperfections, or flaws, which is why a perfect diamond is called flawless and is very rare. Imperfections can be found inside the diamond or on its surface. Internal flaws are known as inclusions while exterior flaws are called blemishes. Gemologists inspect diamonds for imperfections under a 10x magnifying loupe and assign a grade that describes the size, number, and type of imperfections. The higher the grade, the less imperfections and the more expensive the diamond.

>>Read more on the Color Clarity

With an endless number of engagement ring styles to choose from, selecting a setting can be almost as confusing as selecting a diamond.  We prepared a guide to help you navigate the options and figure out which ring is right for you.



The classic quintessential engagement ring of a single solitary center diamond, ergo the name. The solitaire diamond can be any shape, not necessarily a round diamond. The most common ring that comes to mind is the Tiffany’s style round solitaire, but there are many other solitaire styles to choose from.



Halo engagement rings are characterized by an outline of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone. Halos can be designed to match any shape diamond, from a square princess to a cut-cornered emerald. Halos come in single rows, double, and even triple halos, and can feature colored diamonds and gemstones to add another dimension to the ring.



Cathedral engagement rings feature arches or “shoulders” that lead up towards the center diamond and appear to place the diamond on a pedestal. The diamond tends to sit a little higher but allows wedding bands to sit flush against the ring.



Old is the new “new”. Vintage rings are very trendy and growing tremendously in popularity. These rings tend to feature engravings called filigree, and small beads along the edges called milgrain. The filigree designs are hand engraved by highly skilled artisans and are therefore very labor intensive to produce. These types of settings are very popular for Old European Cut and Old Miner’s Cut diamonds.

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Giving a diamond ring to your beauty is the best way to begin a life together, and while she might enjoy other types of gemstones, nothing quite holds the same passion and personalization as a diamond. It can be difficult to find and shop for the perfect diamond for your significant other, but once you come across the right one for her, you’ll just know. A wedding or engagement is a very special event, so it’s important to hunt down the ring stone for this once in a lifetime shopping hunt.

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